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Amanda and Alexander

Our common passion is to travel as often as possible, to explore the countries in an individual way.


Countries have more to give than beaches and sun. We'll show you what you can see in parallel to your excursions, if you take a little time for it.

The Mission: search and enjoy!

We move between tourist areas and areas where tourists are rarely visited.
On the one hand to see the country from a different perspective and on the other hand to the flora and fauna.

The scorpions are a special and great passion of mine (Alexander) and in search of them, the other perspectives of the country also arise. So is one passion connected to another passion and on these paths also always nice human contacts or certain situations come about.

In life you are always looking for something...and maybe you will find with us or in your journeys what you were looking for.

journeys & scorpions | Travelblog | Spain, Andalusia, 2018 | Amanda & Alexander
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