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1st & 2nd Day: The beauty of Sri Lanka

We are happy to share with you our adventure on Sri Lanka!

The many experiences outside of the beach and tourism, the interpersonal moments with the satisfied, balanced, religious and also drawn local people, to admire, feel with and to understand. The power of the small and often attacked but actually peaceful island, with its beauty in flora and fauna and the people there, was a gentle and serious experience for the soul

The flight started with Etihad at 11:15am, with a layover in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). It took about 5h50min to get there. Overall the flight lasted about 10h-11h with time shift of 3h30min

On board you got plenty of food and drinks were free. For each guest a fleeceblanket, headphones and a Neckpillow. With a small screen in the seat you could choose a lot of new films, a lot of music and various arcade games, which made a flight more entertaining

The flight itself was quite quiet! I had expected turbulences because of the monsoon season in the area but it was really a pleasant flight

2nd Day: Negombo and the first steps with the monsoon season:

At the airport in Sri Lanka we were in the morning or at night at 1:30am. You noticed directly the humidity and it was very warm. We exchanged money and were also greeted directly by the tour guide. Everything went very quickly and fluently. The drive to the hotel took 45min

In many regions it rained very much, the whole day and the streets to our hotel were flooded. We had to stop. I cranked down the window to get a picture for myself... the tire stood up to half in the water and at the same time, in the slightly shocked condition, one could hear beautiful and diverse animal sounds from the jungle that fascinated one. The fear of not coming into the hotel was dampened by this pure nature. Unfortunately, it rained too much for a photo. The driver tried another road to the hotel, with success.

At the hotel receptionist, in the light, one saw the devastation of the wind and weather. Drowned trees, garbage and plant remnants everywhere. Stray dogs ran around. The sight was bad. We had to climb over these trees with our suitcases to get to the footbridge from where the raft went over to the hotel

In the hotel lobby we were brought directly to our room

With a UV lamp, i lit everything off and fixed directly the mosquito net over the bed. In the meantime it was 2:30am in the morning and we packed out the remaining things...slowly it became lighter, the sounds of the animalworld which greeted the morning, reached our attention and we dared a look outside...the water from the river directly before our room, stood high and the devastation was clearly visible here as well. You could hear the wind and waves from the distant sea

Before the breakfast we decided, despite rain, the hotel area to assess. Everywhere was the devastation. To the beach and some parts of the area were extremely devastated...everywhere plants, coconuts and other lay on the ground. We stood on the beach, saw the brown foaming water, the dark clouds, heard the violent and loud wind, the high waves that hit the rocks, that everything was at the same time frightening and demotivating...one was afraid of the next tsunami and we wanted returning home

Yes, it was Monson time but it was not predicted so badly.

We were also tired, one had not slept several hours and all events appeared worser then they are...a breakfast should help with a subsequent shower. From the terrace door I could see a large Varan on our property at the mangroves but when I took the camera he was already gone. So far we had not slept 27h and so we made a small nap to meet at lunch time again the tour guide and then go to Negombo

This guide advised us to do business in a few days...everything clear...so then...

...with a Tuck-Tuck (that always stood in front of the hotel) and the driver Samanta we drove to Negombo, which was about 12km away. Here you could shopping and buy a little souvenirs, visit various markets and watch at the fishermen at work

Monks can not be photographed and this image was created by chance

Dutch Canal of Negombo / Hindu Temple

Small fishing port

Even on good coffee you had not to do without and you could enjoy an excellent espresso here. A colonial style villa.

The English were then very present on Sri Lanka and actually still today...they pushed the tea and are today still financial supporters

This cafe we ​​had been looking for almost an hour long and Samanta told us where it is

From the inside it was still unaffected and there were pictures from the beginnings on the wall

An old abandoned Villa

The driver Samanta was always very informative with everything, drove us to difficult places and was very open...not the typical tourist driver. One is always under caution and has had its experience with local tourists but here it seemed really friendly and honest. In the course of time, it became clear that the people love their island, are tolerant, want to live peacefully and are satisfied with what they have. But later on, much more

Samanta drove us back to the hotel and he strengthened us with his commitment to our well-being and helped us to understand the island a bit better. In the hotel, the cleaning up slowly began...and there was much to do. The rain was a little less, the wind stopped, the crabs, small lizards and frogs were seen more and more in the hotel grounds

Spotted House Gecko / Ceylon Frog

A small walk along the beach was now possible with camera

The first dinner was on and you could enjoy various local currys, meat, fish, vegan, soup and much more.

We planned roughly the next days and decided to go to the capital city Colombo tomorrow, despite a lot of rain. We had previously inquired about the climate quite well and were at no time under weather conditions.

To the equipment later more

Wind and weather but beautiful in the evening

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