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1st Day: Wonderful Cyprus

Once again Mediterranean or better: The island belongs to Asia but is seen European. Half Greece, half Turkey. A border separates both sides. The north is dominated by Turkey and the south by the Republic of Cyprus. But everything is political. Throughout the island, Turkish and Cypriot inhabitants live together in harmony.

We were only on the South-side and show you from 7 days exciting impressions.

The flight from Düsseldorf starts at 9:10 and we landed in Pafos, not far from our hotel.

Pafos Airport

Pafos Airport

The weather was fantastic, the hotel was great and with a great view to the sea.

Sunny Hill Hotel, Pafos


Vukamvilia / Hibiscus

We checked in quickly, walked down the street to the sea and explored the area.

St. George Bay

In the evening we sat in the Thessaloniki tavern a few meters up the street to enjoy the first local food with house wine. The owner was extremely friendly, interested and informative. We paid for this Menu 26€...nice and cheap!

Thessaloniki Tavern


For the first day in Cyprus we were very happy with everything. The next days will be very nice and we will show you what we did the whole day.

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