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2nd Day: Adonis Waterfalls & hiking

Today we picked up our rented car and went straight to Adonis Baths Waterfalls. The car rental price for 6 days was 190€ with all insurance.

Better early in the morning you had to drive a few kilometers of gravel road carefully, but with adequate speed and attention, it works quite well. There are parking spaces at the entrance that we used free of charge.

Road to Adonis Baths

Aphrodite statue

The entry cost us 9€ (with the watermill) per person and we were surprised what awaits us. You first go through a small interesting museum and along a path to the waterfall. Toilets are also on the way.

Way to the Waterfalls

Adonis Waterfalls

There are some places to lie under the trees. The shadow together with the sunbeams create a nice atmosphere and allow you to relax.

The water was very cold due to the few rays of the sun. You had to move and swim. The climbing ropes on the tree and on the waterfall contributed well to the warming. The cliffs next to the waterfall were also easy to climb and from there jump into the water.

You have a lot of fun there and a lot to explore. I changed my clothes and wanted to look at the flora and fauna above. There was a little path.

Ähmmm yes...

Steadfast statue

View to the 1st Waterfall

You can climb from the first waterfall to the second waterfall or take the path above.

2nd Waterfall

Unfortunately, I hadn't found much flora and fauna on the short way up. We swam a little more and went back to the parking lot. Because there you could still wander around and see the amphitheater. You can of course do that beforehand.

Amphitheater & trails

In the pictures it looks a bit colorless and that is because the island is currently very dry. The dust from the driveway is thrown up and settles on nature. You could wipe a thick layer of dust from the leaves.

Dusty nature

We drove back down the street and sat in a Restaurant 2km from the Adonis Baths, with a great view and service.

Vatouthkia Restaurant

It wasn't expensive and the dishes were delicious. They said goodbye with a few fruits and invited us to come to the restaurant BBQ party on Friday. But unfortunately we couldn't go there because our journey ended there. But we decided to go to the Adonis Baths a second time before our departure and also to the restaurant. Because the whole day up to here has been really great.

We drive to the nearby Aphrodite Wild Beach. From there you could also hike up the mountain and enjoy some viewpoints.

The beach was a bit rocky but the water was pleasant and clean.

Aphrodite´s Wild Beach

The trail was steep, it was exhausting and hot. All these piles of stones. Who is doing that? Wonderful view! We didn't make it all the way to the top...it was almost evening and we had to go back too. We were both very exhausted but happy to have at least climbed the mountain a little.

Aphrodite & Adonis Nature Trail


Stacked stones

Maritime Squill Plateau

It was a long day...

Amanda & Alex

Above the clouds

-Search and Enjoy-

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