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2nd Day: Sousse Medina & Port el Kantaoui

In Sousse (1988, UNESCO World Heritage Site) is less garbage than in Monastir but also available.

The Medina (Old Town) is also nicer and bigger

The medina is already slightly different from city to city. Some only have clothes and shoes, some have a lot of jewelry and some only use certain souvenirs. Some even have live turtles for sale and dead scorpions. So you do not get the same in every medina and that makes it more interesting

A medina can be recognized by the beige high walls

Outside the Medina also sell sporadic traders, but probably not allowed to do that legally. We left very early that day in Sousse in the direction of the marketplace and suddenly came a few 6 dealers rushed towards us, pulling their wagons full of goods...they have fled from the police, which was just making their rounds. For the traders that was the daily routine...they seemed to be very amused about it.

From the medina we continued up through some narrow streets to a nice cafe

You can get good coffee everywhere but unfortunately rare are those in the traditional way. You have to search already

We continued with the tuk-tuk train to Port el Kantaoui to swim and eat

Who wants to have it really quiet and beautiful, goes there. The sand is very fine. Otherwise there are also things that you can do business, such as a snorkel tour etc. There is even a zoo there, with guinea pigs, budgies and Chiuauas etc...no joke!

Anyway, there were some funny and curious things

We saw almost no bicycles there. Only cars, mopeds, etc. All totally battered, bumps, missing bonnets...like a driving junkyard sometimes. And the traffic, especially in the city is hell, a lot of exhaust...you get hardly any air


Also interesting

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