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3rd Day: Colombo with detour

The first night, with sleep, was somewhat restless. It stormed, one heard the wind clearly and the rushing of the sea, the high waves...and always this fear to be surprised of the water

While waiting in the morning to the raft...

Hibiscus Flowers and tropical plants


We started quite early with a Tuck-Tuck to the train station of Negombo to drive from there to Colombo. The driver showed us a closer train station in Waikkal with the tip he drives there earlier. That was a good thing for us, because it was raining very hard, the water was on the streets and the ticket seller spoke hardly English. Actually not at all. We could still teach him that we would like to go to Colombo. Unfortunately this was not earlier but later according to the seller´s information and so we had to wait 1 hour.

Slowly you get used to the rain, it was warm and the nature was beautiful...one lived

Trainstation of Waikkal

The train arrived and we got in. A train ride is sometimes bumpy on Sri Lanka and the doors are missing in all trains. I think because of the climate and so you can enjoy the view

First Action-Cam shot in my life

Old train

We drove now 1h and at some point and one came to the idea to check the map and to look where we are and then we realized that we drove 1h in the wrong direction. A local passenger confirmed this and told us that we should not proceed, since the danger is too big due to several days of rain to come back no more

Just by the time at the stop in Chilaw, where parallel to our train the train was back to Colombo...we jumped from our train to the railroad and then to the train to Colombo...so you do this here! Now we had to drive back 2,5 hour´s to our real destination Colombo...but the day was still young, the Nature makes everything diverting and you always had a lot of entertainment with the locals who were very informative and friendly

Indian Myna

Once there was a mass of people. The train station is very busy, because from there all trains go in all directions. We went to the center to see the market of Pettah and did not find it alone, so we drove there with a Tuck-Tuck...disappointing, since there were only normal goods offered and everything seemed like a large flea market. You had to look for local handicrafts or special souvenirs and did not find them. So we drove only through the market, saved the hustle and bustle and let us continue through Colombo. Really worthwhile things are not there and generally we did not like the capital-city. We did not stay long, because the train ride was in our bone´s.

On the return trip one could see the extent of the rain. Houses were covered with fallen trees that landed on houses...some of them paddled out of their houses with possessions to come ashore. A shock also for locals traveling past!

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