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3rd Day: Parc natural de Mondragó

We actually wanted to go to the Reserva Park in the Serra de Traumuntana, but unfortunately it was already closed for that time of the year.

And that's why we decided to approach the day harmoniously.

A day to relax is best in nature. Swim and hike a little in the...

Caló de sa Torre

The water was a little cold but if you swim then it works.

You had to be careful here, because strangely there were many spiders that stretched their webs almost 2m between trees and cacti. I wanted to pee on the side of the path and almost ran into a net. It also smelled a bit bad and right next to it was a dog cadaver. Difficult to see...- nature flows over.

Diadem spider

Dog cadaver

We went around because it was nice to walk from bay to bay.

Caló dets Homes Morts

Cala Mondragó

At Cala Mondragó beach it is a bit louder because the bar is playing music there.

But here I was finally able to complete what I had not been able to do in Sri Lanka. Photographing and filming the western reef heron. It is not easy because it is constantly in motion, keeps diving and you don't know where it show up again. But here the water is crystal clear and I am close so I was able to watch and time everything well. Still, it was difficult to take a picture. The video is better!

I really like this type of bird.

Western reef heron

Behind the beach was the Torrent de ses coves del Rei river. Here you can hike along.

Torrent de ses coves del Rei

And with almost every step one found spiders in the web.

Wasp spider

Red Orb-weaving spider

Further down the path to the right along the sea, was the S’Amarador beach.

He is a bit calmer and natural. You can jump off the cliffs here.

It also has a small bar, showers and toilets. Behind the beach you can hike through the pine forest.


We stayed here for a few hours and went over the

Torrent de ses coves del Rei Wandering back and then I found a few more insects here.

Brown Orb-weaving spider

Admiral / Red-veined darter

Mother Nature

That was a great day. Quiet and relaxed, 4 different species of spiders and other beautiful animals.

A very nice mix of nature and the sea.

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