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3rd Day: Snorkeling Ladiko Beach and Speedboat

Actually we wanted spontaneously with the ferry to Marmaris, to the southwest coast of Turkey, where a search a few kilometers from the coast looked promising but the price for the crossing, was relatively high and we did not know exactly what we had expected and so we wanted to get more info to start this journey

So a snorkeling trip had to be done at short notice. Most of the tours were already gone and we found a diving crew who had taken us kindly and gave us the available equipment and so we landed at the...

Kallithea, Ladiko Beach

The weather was unsteady and it urged me to search again off the coast

But again there was no sign of life, so I climbed down from the mountain and went snorkeling

Get out of the water! After a quick snack in Rhodes City...the toughest cake ever. Btw...Rhodes oldtown is UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988

Who's on Rhodes should go there...they have the opposite in the store...very healthy stuff and just the mastic cakes.

I will never forget it! It was still some time so we went back to the port and spontaneously made a speedboat tour until the evening and we ended the Day with a walk and a drink at the pool.

By a short walk in the evening around the hotelarea we found a scorpion female of Mesobuthus gibbous...only a few meters from the hotel, entrenched itself in a high mound of earth. The mound was pretty dug, loamy and the Female had several cave passages that did not go deep but always left and right

-Search and Enjoy-

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