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4th Day: Kandy and the natural force...a spontaneous day

This morning we started again quite early and had to be at 6.50 in Negombo to catch the train which would drive to Kandy to the highland. In Sri Lanka you have to be on the road early, because the destinations need long until they are reached...and u had to go back to the hotel. The train was also not very fast. The cars were allowed to drive a maximum of 80 km/h and short distances then also lasted longer because of traffic than one is accustomed

In any case, the weather was more pleasant today, the sun could be seen more and more. So then with Tuck-Tuck -> Negombo -> Colombo -> Kandy (Highland). In Colombo they did not want to sell us a ticket...not because the train was full, but because the rain flooded the line and there were landslides. The trip there was too dangerous and so we had to rethink. So we decided on a destination that we actually wanted to make after Kandy...so it went on to Hikkaduwa

The sun now showed itself quite freely for a while, and the mood was lifted. Immediately we jumped into a tuck-tuck to drive to the most beautiful beach in Hikkaduwa. There we drank from a coconut and took a little walk

Hikkaduwa Beach

After 1 hour

In this region began the Tsunami from 2004, which cost over 1000 lives

Peraliya Buddha Statue, Tsunami Memorial​

With the Tuck-Tuck it went on to a turtle-catching station. Here they tend to find and injure turtles. Also extinct endemic species are bred here and all healthy and powerful animals are released again. A good thing and unfortunately a tourist attraction but which is also financially supported

Hikkaduwa Turtlestation

We were at the time the only one there, the carer told us all and with good competence, until a large group came...with more children than adults and for the reason we set off. It was very crowded...

With the Tuck-Tuck continue to Galle through the road where the tsunami broke through. Some houses were moldy up to the top. Today the street was in good condition

The driver was also very informative and told us how he felt when the tsunami came. He told us how he had saved himself with many others and left us out there...

Fort Galle

Cricket Nationalteam

Colombo Crow

The Fort Galle was the rescue point for many locals because it was built very high, it had withstood the tsunami and thus saved many lives. On the fort, there are still locals who spent time together during the floods. And also many young couples meet here to relax undisturbed...when you looked at them, then they grinned embarrassed back.

The Old Town Galle and the fortifications are world cultural heritage!

It went on with the Tuck-Tuck and the driver Feisel...Feisel the Tuck-Tuck rider.

He was very friendly, just wanted our best and took us to the Rock Temple. On the trip we stopped more often and he showed us rice fields as well as other native fruits


Banane / Jackfruit



Singapore graveyard flower


At the Rock Temple in Unawatuna we had to take off the shoes, because Buddhism wants it so. The stairs went up to the monks who were just preparing for a feast and improving the ground

Yatagala Raja Maha Viharawe, Rock Temple

Green Ant /Very old Bodhitree / Scarab

He led us through the rock formations, which so naturally clashed. It was very interesting to see how everything had supported

Everything was not allowed to be photographed but Feisel spoke with the monks and then it was possible to make from inside a few pictures...

This painting shows the normal and wise way of a person of Sri Lanka. He has a clear line from birth to death. I think it speaks for itself

...and with the distraction of the monks the sleeping Buddha behind the curtain

It continued with Feisel to an Ajurveda-garden. In the meantime, he turned out to be an ingenious tour guide with his many information. I have to say that such tours on their own are much better and cheaper than tours from the hotel. You learned more about the island and the people told you not only what one wanted to hear. It was more authentic and you were just closer to the people and so now understood her life, which then also changed or expanded her own world. Arrived at the Ajurveda-garden high up on the mountain we were greeted with fresh vanilla tea, the only one in sunny weather

Ajurvedagarden, Galle-Unawatuna

Plant of Vanilla / Ginger

Torch Ginger, (Very rare)

Coconut / Banane / Starfruit / White pineapple

Green Pepper / Sandlewood

The manager of the farm took us around, told a lot and was very informative. The farm was very nice and some animals were there too


Wild Turkey

The monkey sat quietly in the cage as we fed him...

Toque macaque

...but then he suddenly stopped, screamed, became restless and moved into the furthest corner of the cage. Everyone was surprised until one saw a long, fast moving snake moving through the roof of the cage

Colubrid snake

After the tour we went to a shop where we took some souvenirs. Surely today I wanted to take more pictures in the jungle purely for free animals...I had to discuss with Feisel a lot, to drove me there where I wanted. All requests to drive around the jungle were politely blocked, because it was too dangerous for tourists. So we went further inland towards Hiyare and I looked out for suitable places to search for animals. Unfortunately, there was not much. Feisel did not bother going to the areas where it was dangerous and interesting, but he did not want me to be unhappy. On the roadside we found a few other animals



Monitor Lizard

We then met locals and the tour continued after their recommendation to a mountain. Feisel said that when we went up there, we were to ask for animals...so we went up the mountain, arrived at the top of a large lake surrounded by jungle.

To the left of the lake was a small house where local people lived

I explored the area for animals and other things...

Singapore Daisy / Golden Trumpet

Jungle Flame / West Indian Lantana

Beetle / Land Snail / Pied paddy skimmer

...and went down to the right of the lake, down the hill. There the jungle stood high and he was very dense. I was now standing in front of this dense and high jungle wall, slowly and carefully approaching until I was right there and had a small insight through the dense jungle plants. It captivated me. I could not see much, but I could hear some animal sounds...which took my breath away. Animallaute all came through this small hole and one wondered what is going on and what animals are making noises. It became clear to me that in this dense jungle there was a completely different world that fascinated me but also frightened me. I was like grown-up, listening attentively, and very focused on this natural experience that I will never forget. I have unfortunately no picture of it...i dont know why...

After a few minutes, I went up the hill again and could still take photos of some other animals. Meanwhile, my girlfriend was talking to a local guy all the time and I got to know him. It turned out that this cottage is a facility for found and injured animals. He also said we could look at the enclosure. But see for yourself...

Macaca sp. / Lutung / Eagle / Indian Python

The men there made this voluntarily, nurtured the animals, and put them out again.

Even eggs of Python molorus they breed. The interior is kept secret for a variety of reasons. We donated money, exchanged the email and thanked them warmly

At the bottom of Feisel, I was totally refreshed by the events, and I could happily go back. Although there were no scorpions to see but there are still a few days left

Feisel offered to sleep by him and eat because it was very late. He had a big family, with a house and it would certainly not matter to them. We declined, thankfully and surprised, and tried to get on in Colombo by bus. I must mention here that all are very helpful and friendly and they can always surprise you which trust they put into one. Arriving at the bus station, in the windy and pouring rain, we searched with the help of Feisel for the right bus. It was very busy, everyone wanted to go home. Feisel knew well and so we got into the right bus. We sincerely thanked Feisel and paid him generous for his commitment, honesty and humanity. He took the money sincerely to himself, full of relief and kissed it gratefully and thanked God for it. An authentic moment that knocked us out again. The people there all seem so pure...and really peaceful

The bus went off, he was very busy and the bus was really slow...it was rush hour, we got into a traffic jam on the only highway on Sri Lanka. This is really annoying, because the only highway where you can drive fast and then in the traffic jam

A few hours later we arrived at Colombo. It was late and we opted for a direct ride with the Tuck-Tuck to the hotel in Waikkal. This was more expensive but faster and more comfortable than the slow train. Arrived at the hotel we made the tour for tomorrow. It should go to Pinnawella with various other destinations.

Quickly something was arranged and one agreed early departure at 5:00.

Lots of sleep was not there but on the trip tomorrow morning, there is definitely something to be found

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