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6th Day: Sri Lanka food, spontaneous bike ride...a great day

We had to cancel the trip to Kandy with several days stay, because a trip for my girlfriend in the form due to stomach problems was not possible. The curry was spicy the last days, delicious too...but the stomach needs to get used to it

Instead, we decided to make the day comfortable and rented a bike for the day to drive in the direction of Chilaw.

The bikes were getting used to...the gearshift only partially worked, the brakes as well. The saddle was hard and on the whole it was a real old bike but it worked just to drive a few miles...with some stops

Gin Oya Bridge

It was a very long walk through the local villages on the coast, where they all sold their freshly caught fish. I only asked myself with the big offer who should buy all this. It was not a fish market, everyone sold their fish right in front of their homes. Impressions come in the video for the entire holiday of Sri Lanka, when everything is ready written

Further away from the coast you drive through alleys and streets that are beautiful villas with gardens or partially small coconut plantations

After a lot of observation, I noticed that crows like to sit on the cows and croak the cows in case of disturbance or danger. At first it seems like the crow wants to motivate the cow, who only lies around the whole day, but it seems to have the other background, because the cow only looked over at us when the bird croaked. Either way, nature takes care of itself

Ceylon Crow on a Cow

Indian Wasp Moth / Lantana / Milliped

The sun was getting hotter and we cycled back to eat at Pizza Hut just outside the hotel.

There we found a newspaper with the current events of the rainy season in Sri Lanka. You may remember our previous pictures (Blog 1st & 2nd Day: The beauty of Sri Lanka & 5th Day: Temple of Buddha & Tea...free the elephants) of the impact of the floods. In other places it was even worse. More pictures in the next blogs!

Back in the hotel a very nice and shy animal could be seen

Indian Palm Squirrel

The rest of the evening we spent with a walk at the hotel area, the planning for the next day.

Finally, i have to say: There is always something to see and do in Sri Lanka, no matter where, when and in what weather

-Search and Enjoy-

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