9th Day: Chilaw with the boat

On this day we finally could sleep in, take a delicious breakfast in the hotel and prepare for the 2-3 hours boat trip on the river


We went to the river and waited for the motorboat. The journey started slowly, the path led to Chilaw, where you could see some birds and reptiles. But also a few dead fish were to be seen. The sea poured over the dam into the river and thus also the fish and they could not survive with the conditions




Boatride to Chilaw


Indian ocean & Gin oya River


The Indian cormorant was difficult to photograph. He went under very quickly and you never knew where he would pop up. I have only a relatively good picture. Very nice to watch him in his hunt for fishes


Western Reef-heron / Indian cormorant




Through the mangroves


Asian water monitor


Pied kingfisher / White throated kingfisher


Further along the river we met animals that we did not expect there


Gin oya River




Fisher men / Local house




Back at the hotel a close view of the riverbank


Jumping spider / Rattail


After 2 hours taking a picture of everything, we headed across the river at high speed back to the hotel.

Since we now had a little time to relax we booked a few Ayurveda massages at the hotel for tomorrow morning. The rest of the day we used to go shopping and buy souvenirs in Negombo


In the evening, back to dinner on time, we were planning tomorrow's afternoon. We wanted to enjoy the sunset south by the ocean, see a Hindu temple and explore the nightlife for scorpions. Unfortunately it is not easy to drive on Sri Lanka and we did not have an international driver's license. That's why we had to book a driver who felt like working at night 


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