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Preview: Tunisia-Monastir, Skanes

The outward flight was close to landing with heavy turbulence (due to thunderstorms), even the crew looked scared and I was sweaty - I'll never forget that

We landed in Enfidha, about an hour from our hotel. The airport was well maintained. There was really little going on and the controls were poor. It is partly very littered in Tunisia (maybe because of missing trash cans and too much tourism etc.).

Very in the strong tourist areas like Monastir, Sousse and Mahdia. Small tip: Port el Kantaoui is free of garbage and really great!

Port el Kantaoui

On the coast of Monastir, more precisely in Skanes, was our Hotel. Close to the beach (2 minutes walk)

We did not go to the beach often, because there was a lot more to see and do outside the tourist area. In addition, the time was a bit short, the sundown was at 18 o`clock.

The Temperatures were optimal after the first day! From Sfax up to the capital Tunis we were at every major town near the coast. Partly it was also inland to admire, for example, the Coliseum of El Jem

Each destination we have reached with shared taxis (Louage). (These collective bus stations are not shown to the tourists as the taxis want to earn their money there and sometimes work with the hotels.)

At these stations you met only locals. These were in no way surprised that we were there every day and wanted to go here and there. Even locals were taken out of a shared taxi so that 2 tourists can drive earlier.

I must mention here that the collective taxi station in Sfax was really strange. We arrived there late at the day and were greeted by a young guy, he looked like Lil`Wayne and his voice was almost the same...he stood in front of a mass of male drivers who looked at us all in wonder and smirked. (It felt like a cowboy entering a saloon and everything is quiet and looking at you.) With money in hand, macho-style and friendly he asked: Hey! What are you doing here?? We held small talk and got our taxi very fast.

In any case, you can also take the bus but that takes and does not always drive, especially they are too full.

Another alternative would be the Tuk-Tuk train...but only runs short distances. A train is there like a subway...it stops at every corner and it takes forever. But it is advantageous to drive with everything, because you can see more about how the culture is and how the Tunisians are.

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