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11th Day: Wilpattu National Park

Early in the morning we drove towards Wilpattu National Park for 2.5 hours

On the way there was beautiful nature to see, Buddhism and Hinduism

The first thing you could see was a small museum and then the journey started

Wilpattu National Park, Museum

Entry to the park

The wildlife is very extensive and the landscape is very varied. Sometimes jungle, sometimes a bit of desert and steppe as well as wetlands and lakes can be found there

Serpent Eagle / Tufted gray langur

Crested Hawk Eagle / Lizard

Landscape of Wilpattu

Lake of Wilpattu

Tortoise / Monitor

Termit / Spider / Whipspider

Blue peafowl / Birds

Frog / African Giant Snail

Sambar deer, male & female

At this buffalo you can the see hunting marks on the back

Water Buffalo / Crocodile

Very difficult to photograph these birds. They are quickly gone and without the right equipment you cannot get good pictures

Malabar pied hornbill / Green bee-eater

The tour in the park lasted 4-5 hours.

Unfortunately we have not seen all animals. I think it was the wrong time of year for leopards and other great animals. But still the trip was just great.

And a good end to our trip. Our first long-distance trip and our first time in Asia. Due the positive experiences, despite a lot of rain, our further travel pleasure has often moved to Asia, but Sri Lanka remains our pearl of Asia and will be visited again.

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