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3rd Day: Sailing tour and craft beer

For this morning we had booked a sailing tour for a total of 60€, which should go 6 hours. Since there wasn't supposed to be anything to eat again until lunchtime, we had a good breakfast.

So, we are sailing with Venus Sea Cruises

Sailing Tour

We sat up on the deck. In the open sea it rocked a lot and I felt sick very quickly, in combination with the sun and the exhaust from the boat. I then lay down below deck where the rocking wasn't so strong.

Half an hour later the boat stopped for snorkeling and swimming. Of course I wanted that too...but I was still very sick. So I went to the bathroom and broke out breakfast...went on deck and jumped off the ship.

Then there was food and the journey continued. One could relax nicely!

On land we looked at a small archaeological site...

Agia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa

The beginning of a sunset...


I felt better now and we drove to...

Aphrodite Rock Brewery

The view was beautiful, the food and Beer delicious - not too expensive (2 beers and the meal was around 14€) and in the evening there was a nice atmosphere.

So, a great Day! And on the next sailing trip I will definitely not eat anything beforehand.

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