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6th Day: Tunis...coffee & shopping

Today our journey goes to the capital Tunis.

First we went through the French Gate, across the central market place for a coffee. After this we wanted to go to the Medina (Souk) for shopping

French Gate

Central market place for a coffee

The Medina (Souk) of Tunis is very large and it have high valts (1979, UNESCO World Heritage Site). U can went there for hours in a relaxed atmosphere. The Cafe was very traditional with delicious Coffee and some Snacks

Souk & Cafe

So we went to a very well-kept place. There u can park. Its near to go to the Medina (Souk) or just take good pictures

Place de la Kasbah

It was very hot today, we had seen a lot and walked a lot...luckily it was still early in the day and we decided to drive back to Monastir-Beach to swim a little bit.

It is very nice on the beach all day long. The fishermen and locals meet there on the rocks. Also perfect for the sunset.

Monastir Beach

-Search and Enjoy-

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