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6th Day: Tunis...coffee & shopping

Today our journey goes to the capital Tunis.

First we went through the French Gate, across the central market place for a coffee. After this we wanted to go to the Medina (Souk) for shopping.

French Gate

Central market place for a coffee

The Medina (Souk) of Tunis is very large and it have high valts (1979, UNESCO World Heritage Site).

U can went there for hours in a relaxed atmosphere. The Cafe was very traditional with delicious Coffee and some Snacks.

Souk & Cafe

So we went to a very well-kept place. There u can park. Its near to go to the Medina (Souk) or just take good pictures.

Place de la Kasbah

It was very hot today, we had seen a lot and walked a lot...luckily it was still early in the day and we decided to drive back to Monastir-Beach to swim a little bit.

It is very nice on the beach all day long. The fishermen and locals meet there on the rocks. Also perfect for the sunset.

Monastir Beach

Beach, 6th Day Tunisa: Monastir

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