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Jungle: Useful stuff

Jungle of Vietnam


Cap or Hat:

- Protects against sunburn on the face and makes it easier to see in sunlight

- Protects against rain, ticks and other insects that can fall from the trees or from the bushes

*With some holes for head-ventilation and with mosquito-net


- Facilitates vision in sunlight and protects the retina from damage. High brightness damage the retina in a short time and can lead to blindness

Short and long clothes:

- Short clothes for a short stay in the sun

- Long clothes for a long stay in the sun. They protects against leeches and mosquitos. For cold nights in the mountains

*Take dark clothes of cotton and linen with some pockets more. Cotton and linen can dry faster than other materials and they are easier to carry

High Boots:

- There are some thorns and pointed stones

- Protects against leeches, snakebites, wetness and protects your ankles

*With a thick sole and waterproof impregnated

Long Cottonsocks/Leech-Socks:​

- Protects you from leeches, insects and thorny plants

*Leeches can´t easily bite through cotton. You can buy some in a shop or make your own --> Buy long cotton socks and cut off the feet

Special for the Rain:

- A raincape or a rainsuit/Shoe-Galosh´s/Drybag

*The galosh´s keep your feets dry and shoes clean. Take not the cheapest of all. Drybag´s are very simple to keep things waterproof. They swim also on water. You can buy them in different sizes and colors. For me a must have!


Outdoor Backpack:

- For long trips u need a robust, waterproof and comfortable Backpack. Take the best you can find and can pay.

*With enough pockets, backventilation, rain-protection-hood, chest strap with integrated whistle for emergency signals and back stabilizer


- For orientation at night and for emergency signals

*Take 2-3 leightweight and waterproof Flashlights. I have two Headlamps and one normal Handlamp - Sure is safe

Batterys/Battery Pack:

- For your flashlights, Cameras etc.

*Take enough and only rechargeable batteries and keep them in a waterproof case or bag


- To eat something or for emergency situations. Cutlery can be very helpful

*Take leightweight cutlery


- For the north with or without map

*Take not the cheapest one


- Too much useful, for example for cutting or for defense

*Take not the smallest and not the biggest. A robust, leightweight and middle size one will be good

Mosquito-Net for a good sleep:​

- Protects you from Mosquitos and other Insects

*Take one with the smallest mesh. Some mosquitos are very small and can fly into a Net with to big mesh

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