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10th Day: Wellness, sundown & scorpions

Get up late and have a leisurely breakfast today was on the plan and then it should go to a foot and back massage in the hotel spa. Tonight we wanted to watch the sunset on the coast and search for scorpions at night. So today will be over late because of routes without motorway and with a minimum speed of 80kmh. I would say on average drive there every 60kmh and a distance of 100km took then 3hrs.

But first I wanted to take a few pictures of our terrace and the surrounding area by the river. The water was clear and everything looks very nice


Jumping spider

At 5pm we went on tour with our dear driver Goldi. It headed north (Puttalam/Elluwankulam), near the Wilpattu National Parc

On the road

Toward the north you can see more Hinduism, it is generally watery and swampy, many rice fields and here live more Muslims

Hindu Temple

Buddha Temple

The trip with Goldi was very entertaining...he told a lot about culture and religion, the danger with the elephants and a driver's license in Sri Lanka with 30 driving hours costs only 130€.

The first stop we made punctually to the Sundown on the sea near Chilaw and then drove north


It got darker while driving and it was already night when we arrived at Wilpattu National Parc. A short search for scorpions in the open field and close to the jungle was unsuccessful. Goldi carefully and nervously looked for elephants while we searched. Except for some animal noises but as I said nothing to find. We drove around a bit and looked for suitable places.

Well...after much driving we stopped on a dirt road near the Wilpattu National Parc. A few scorpions could be found. You can search the one. Scorpions shine under UV-light. This makes them easier to find

Gecko / Bark-scorpions

After these finds, we drove a bit inland and stopped at a narrow street in a village. We asked locals if they could help me. They were helpful and showed me at short distances where they could be. Our driver Goldi was still nervous about the elephants and was constantly looking around. So I went with a local across the street into a walk-in jungle with bushes. I went ahead, about 10m, unfortunately found nothing, turned around and found that the local was gone. So back, the lamp lit up the ground, slow and focused, because of the snakes that like to be there, the locals said. I did not see any snakes, but I stepped in shit from an elephant that looked like a stone to me. Well, a few steps away, it suddenly rustled in the bush on the ground, I shone, saw nothing and was very tense what could come right down to me. Fortunately, it was the local...he crawled out, standing in front of me and saying: There are no scorpions here. So yes, tell me I should watch out for snakes and even they crawl barefoot in bushes around. When I told that I stepped into elephant shit I was of course laughed.

On the other side of the street they showed me a big tree and we found it. Under the bark scorpions shone everywhere


It was already late, Goldi was tired, we said goodbye to the locals, gave a little tip and drove back. Late in the hotel we were all happy to be there.

We thanked Goldi very much for his commitment and went to bed, because the next day we wanted to go to the Wilpattu National Parc and see what animals we see there

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