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1st & 2nd Day: Flight/Explore Kolymbia-Panormitis/Symi

The outward flight was very calm, the weather was great...i like it so. A few days later, it rained very hard, so that an aircraft that should actually land on Rhodes, had to land on the Greek mainland

Kolymbia-Hotel/Beach...here as well as on Greece-Kos, very well maintained hotel facilities with enough beautiful flowers and the typical donkey

Kolymbia Bay

Hibiscus Red /Gazania sp. / White Hibiscus

The first day was reduced to exploring the area, as we landed in the evening and Amanda had a cold. In any case, it was warm, little tourism and so we planned the following days on a walk, looked at the bus travel times and enjoyed the tranquility...

2nd Day: Take the ferry to Panormitis and then to Symi:

By ferry to Panormitis

The high tower is the monastery of Panormitis. The monastery was built in Byzantine times and is dedicated to St. Michael. The monastery church dates from the 18th century.

I do not know what everyone thought about the place, but there were 2 large ferries ashore and it got crowded and we walked a few meters further away

Monastery of Panormitis

Fisherman / Cornetfish

Continue with the ferry to Symi

Probably one of the most beautiful places on earth and with every step you could take a better picture

Short refreshment -> In fact they offered Greek coffee everywhere but never had one, if you wanted one...so beer in the morning

Up the mountain...but first you have to climb countless stairs and find your way through the streets

A beautiful chapel


More exciting days are coming...we drove back and spent the rest of the day with shopping in Rhodes City and spent the evening by the pool

-Search and Enjoy-

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