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2nd Day: Market, Nature & a Cave

A lot is planned for today! The weekly market in Sineu, a trip to Arta, the stalactite caves and much more. A long Day...

The weekly market in Sineu is very well visited ( depending on the season ) and very beautiful. You could spend the whole day there, because the atmosphere and the range of stands is very large and it is really a lot of fun. There is something for everybody. It´s open on Wednesday all year round from 8:00am to 1:30pm

But we were there very early, were able to watch the stands being set up and look at everything in harmony after a coffee.

Sineu, weekly market

Of course you could also buy living animals for all sorts of purposes...as well as dogs that you would like to take with you...for a better life.

Animal market

This Chicken always kept a close eye on me.

Security Chicken

Homeless dogs

It was now 11am and the market was filling up.

Fresh food


You walk comfortably through the market and always discover something new. A deep bass could be heard and a few sounds. We followed the music and found it...

The Market Noise

The music was really full of power and went straight to the ear. Very impressive how relaxed the two of them had done. With a lot of charisma and the calm itself. Of course we bought a CD for 5€!

Lots of excitement, lots of people and loud music. The Parròquia de Santa Maria de Sineu brought some silence.

Parròquia de Santa Maria de Sineu

We went more rounds of the market and took a few streets with us.

At the final round, a woman in costumes suddenly sat right next to the animal cages, which fascinated us very much. The costume and presentation was stunning. It only moved when you donated some money. So we donated money and she moved and sang a song along with it.

Costume Lady

Back to nature. We wanted to go to Arta to the viewpoint and the nearby national park.

Arta, Santuari de Sant Salvador

Alleys of Arta

18 minutes from Arta is the...

Parc natural de la península de Llevant

Scorpions can be found possibly all over the island. Under stones, bark or in crevices such as in old ruins. This species is less toxic and could only be dangerous for people who are allergic to the venom. Similar to a bee.

Small scorpion

Where there is one insect, there are usually others.

Woodlouse spider / Mantis-Ooth

False widow / Wolfspider

After 40 minutes we was in Porto Cristo for the...

Caves of Drach

The caves are amazing! We paid 15€ per person for the complete tour with a surprise included and it is worth every penny. You could take 1000 pictures from every perspective.

It's a bit slippery in places and you have to use the railing. Good shoes and loose clothing that is not too short is recommended. It's not cold in the cave, but a bit humid.

After so many trips we decided to go to Palma for something to eat. At La Taperia you have a very charismatic atmosphere and very good food at a very good price. We were there more often.


The streets of Palma are also incredibly beautiful. We'll show you about it in more blogs.

The day was really very varied and on this small island you can do a lot, and even in one day.

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