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3rd Day: Pure nature & eating insects

Today we look at the Bang Pae waterfall. It is 10m high and therefore the largest on Phuket.

We let ourselves be surprised!

At the entrance one quickly became aware of the surrounding cages with gibbons and information about other species of monkeys. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project.

There were also nice students who told us about the project and told us very interesting things.

It was an honor to donate to this project!

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

We went on to the waterfall after half an hour. The path was not marked but clearly about roots and tree trunks. Just always up, through the wild jungle - very nice.

Many small animals could be seen but the mosquitoes made it sometimes impossible to take a calm picture. When I walked off the path into low bushes, suddenly thousands of mosquitoes flew up...I must have disturbed them. But I've never seen anything like that either. Everything is still untouched here!

Path to the waterfall

Skink / The rustic

After a 15 minute walk you reached the waterfall and could go swimming.

Bang Pae Waterfall

The water was fresh and slightly cool. You could jump into the water from the side of the walls.

There were also many insects, red crabs and spiders of all sizes at the waterfall. But difficult to photograph, because they were always on the move.

Harvestman / Spider

Coconut Skipper / Garden Lizard

Outside it was also nice!

Garden / Dragonfly

After a 2 hour stay we drove to Phuket Town to eat and shop. Markets are just great.

The covered market was very large and separated from food stalls and souvenirs.

Good when it rains...like today.

We first went very interested and with big eyes across the market and looked at everything and then decided to eat something first.

Night Sunday Market

Of course we had planned to eat insects...and we looked for a stand. But only found others...


You can't try enough, but you try.

From a distance we thought the octopus was a pretzel stick.


And of course we were also with the grand master of ice rolls. Very fast and delicious.


And last but not least, we found the insect stand. Hesitantly we ventured out and asked if we could get a small portion of everything - just to taste...She laughed at me.

We felt a little weird about it because everyone else bought bags of insects.

On top of that, we were amazed that such a pretty young woman was selling insects.

She first explained to us how she prepared it and that it didn't taste bad. The insects are marinated in soy sauce or other sauces and then fried. After that, the insect is entirely crispy and flavorful.

Ok...so we started small. First small silkworms and crickets, and last but not least, grasshoppers and big silkworms.

The water beetles were too big for us...we didn't dare to take them.


Of course it takes a bit of willpower, but after the first try it was easier. And it tastes really good and you quickly forget what you eat. We then also bought a bag.

The whole thing was a really great situation as other tourists came to the stand and went through the same thing. More on this will be shown later in the video.

Ok...full of food and slightly exhausted, we drove home. We sat on the terrace and rested.

But now it started to rain slightly and that means the insects always come out...so we sat on the scooter and drove up the mountain and quickly found what I was looking for.

Giant forest scorpion

The scorpions cross the road in search of food and that's why you often see them lying flat and dead on the asphalt. This species seems dangerous, but belongs to the less venomous species.

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