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5th Day: Hammamet

The organizers for the snorkeling tour had forgotten us and so we decided spontaneously early in the morning for a trip to Hammamet.

Hammamet Beach

You get an yasmine flower for a little tip on the beach...its nice!

The beach was clean and the water was clear. If you stood in the water for a short time, you got a free corneal cure. The tweaking of the fishes was relatively strong...so we kept moving in the water.

We stayed for about 2 hours and then we drove on to neighboring Yasmine Hammate for a Peppermint Tea and Mocca. These both hot drinks was very delicious and the Mocca was a realy wakeup-kick.

Peppermint Tea & Mocca

By accident we became attentive to a small theme park and since we had nothing else to do...


After 2 Hours we finished the park and on the way back to the Louage on the market place, we looked at a venom-animal show.

Venom-animal show

Yeah, that was our day because we were forgotten...spontaneous but good and relaxed.

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