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7th & 8th Day: Marmaris & finally Beach

There was very little sleep during the night and we was bit tired today but we went to Marmaris.

The crossing with a catamaran cost 50€ and the drive was about 2 hours long

Actually, we thought that you were on your own but it seemed like every catamaran is a tour group that automatically has a guide. So we went blind and let it come to us.

There was a really very ambitious and multilingual tourist guide greeted us. She showed us Marmaris by bus and we drove first to the highest point. And meanwhile she told a lot about Turkey, the people and their mentality.

Marmaris from the Top

We were brought into a candy production where we were offered a very good and funny guide of the owner. He talked a lot about the products, the manufacturing and the distribution. Of course you could also try and buy. After the sales event, we went to a shopping center with jewelry shops, clothes shops etc...the sales pitch was not good for everyone. It was boring at a certain point in time and everybody was glad to finally be able to move freely

Around noon we were "free". We were given a tip to go to a cafe on the rooftops to look over Marmaris. We gratefully accepted the tip and made our rounds

Harbor & Promenade

Basar & Alleys

Cafe Castle Bar

8th Day: Nature & Beach of Kolymbia

We spent the last day in Rhodes with walks, nature and the beach

Daisybush / Tropical Oleander / Olives

Agame / Donkey

Beach Kolymbia

Rhodes was very harmonious with very flowery nature, great views, with crystal clear water surrounded by rocks and nice hearty people. Culture and fun was easy to find, as well as good food and tranquility

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