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6th Day: Tsambika, Lindos & a healing Dinner

Amanda felt better but I did not feel well after getting up. Nevertheless, we drove by car to the Tsambika Monastery to enjoy another vantage point there. You had to climb several steps...

On the way up there were already great insights

Way up to Monastery Tsambika

After 270m you had on the left side a nice view of our hotel village and on the right the nice Tsambika Beach

Monastery Tsambika Viewpoint

After 2 hours it was raining again and so we went downstairs.

In rainy weather we went on to Lindos to admire the Acropolis. Lindos is one of the most beautiful and noble spots in Rhodes

But in Lindos, we met many tourists, buses everywhere and it was just too much. That's why we drove on to Glistra Beach at Lardos (to return later when less is going on), which was supposed to be very nice, but he was not. Garbage in the background, showers doesnt work...I was really sick by now and I had no energy to go into the water, so i just walked around in the time when Amanda was in the water

Glistra Beach

So far so good. Now we went back to Lindos to visit the Acropolis. It was still very busy and the walk there was far and exhausting... So we parked a little further away from the tourism and looked at the area at Lindos, the beach and visited the donkeys which were injured

Lindos Beach

My condition was getting worse, the sun was bothering me and I had the feeling to tip over at any moment. I went to the car for protection but it did not get any better, so we decided to drive to the hotel so I could sleep a few hours. From the car I made some pictures of the Acropolis

Acropolis Lindos

On the way to the hotel, fever and drowsiness became noticeable.

Now it was a holiday and you wanted to use all the time...I slept for 2.5 hours and then struggled up again...that was really hard but it was towards evening and it was milder. So we drove inland to eat well where there is no tourism and you can enjoy the Greek hospitality and your life in peace

Dinner in Psinthos, Platia Tavern

I had to stop eating every 15 minutes and get up to clear my throat. That was obvious and the guests from the other tavern looked already surprised. The landlady was very attentive, savored and brought me water with lemon. She also brought yogurt with honey after eating!

For her humanity, heartiness and her good food we gave much thanks and a generous tip. That was the nicest restaurant experience in my life. Alone for the tavern I would go back to Rhodes!

I felt better! So, we searched after dinner quick for scorpions with UV-light at the area around Kolymbia and stopped at an olive plantation 2km from our hotel. There, on a mud wall, there were about 10 scorpions. But also on the ground under shrubs we could find scorpions. Unfortunately, but no other nocturnal animals.

The scorpions are thus present in the highlands as well as directly near the tourism zone. They dig passages in earth-clay mounds or sit under stones in hollows.

It was raining again and towards the night it was getting worse...the storm was getting stronger, the thunder was very loud and you always thought he had hit somewhere. The rainwater was in the lobby and in front of the rooms. Airplanes had to land during the night.

It was hard to sleep but we had to try to be fit for the next day, for Marmaris

-Search and Enjoy-

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