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1st Day: Monastir and his culture

Coast in the morning


Ribat, Location of the movie -Life of Brian-

The markets with fresh animal meat are mostly rustic. Hygiene is as good as it gets, but it still looks funny. Occasionally there is also butcher´s...the butcher is blood smeared and the whole ambience is similar to old days. Fruits, vegetables and the food were tip top. You only have to watch out for drinks in tins or chocolate bars...much of it had expired.

Bourguiba Moschee

Coast Sundown

Nice, as only the rock shines golden yellow.

The haggling went wild on the first day but it is a must. This can be really fun and most prices can be very very low down. The sellers master know all tricks, there you have to be careful. Also with the taxi rides, the clock is sometimes manipulated.

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