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3rd Day: Kairouan to Mahdia...pure culture

Kairouan (1988, UNESCO World Heritage Site) is considered the fourth Holy City of the Islamic world.

Boulevard Chaker

On arrival we were there directly intercepted by a tourist guide. Somehow I always had the feeling that Tunisia is a big network, everyone knows each other, denies, intercepts and organizes tourists. Terrifying somehow, but also good.

The medina was not up yet so we let Abdul guide us. Abdul guided us safely through the city with all facets. On the way to the medina we passed a girls' school. They all wore uniform pink clothes, with long pants, in high heat. Of course we Europeans were absolute eye-catchers. Shorts, sunglasses, etc.

The kids were giggling about us and were very friendly.

Kairouan was preparing for the President, so we were not allowed to stay anywhere. The elections were also on. Tunisian citizens were not entirely satisfied with the then president, because he was not familiar with the Tunisian culture.

The president they wanted is over 60 years old but has a 100% relationship with the country, we were told.

Sidi Oqba Moschee / 2 Hands - 2 familys

It went on to a fountain. There they showed us how to draw water from a fountain in cooperation with a dromedary

Bir (=fountain) Baruta

Abdul showed us a small web shop, a school...

School of Kairouan

...and then we went to a carpet dealer. They gave us delicious peppermint tea and showed us various carpets that were really nice. We were taken to a roof from where we could see the Sidi Oqba Moshee from afar.

View from the afar to the Sidi Oqba Moschee and to the Awlād Farḥān Cemetery.


The nice leadership of Abdul was over here. We now went to the open medina and looked around a bit. Grade seemed to be a kind of wedding. Many ladies danced around a lady as she walked, and a suitcase held high was also visible.

Very nice thing what we show later in a video.

Continue to Mahdia...

...Mahdia has a small medina, is a bit sprawling but has a nice beach with very fine sand. We did not look much there, because time was short. Driving home in the evening was always exhausting. You hardly got a taxi and there was a lot of smog.

It was rush hour and everything was moving.

The rest of the evening we spent in the hotel for a small show and planned the day tomorrow...

Wall Gecko

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