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1st Day: What an island!

We decided this year for a small, cheap destination where you can still swim a little in November. We therefore decided to go to the largest island in the balearic Islands. Mallorca! We planned to eat good spanish food, taste the local wine and much more. The flight together with the hotel (breakfast) cost 250€.

Mallorca didn't really appeal to us in advance, but we gave it a chance and were not disappointed.

Our hotel was in Paguera on a hill. Very nice spot in the Southwest of Mallorca.

Hotel La Concha Soul

It was quite fresh in the morning but very calm and sunny.

Playa Paguera

We rented a small car around noon. That cost us 180 € for 6 days with all-round protection.

A little expensive but a car is important for us.

We drove to our first destination Estellencs. The beautiful route over Andratx along the coast was breathtaking. From that moment on we were completely impressed and amazed by Mallorca...it exceeded all expectations.

The uphill ride didn't offer much stopping place. To take good photos you would have to walk.

Nevertheless we found a small place to take pictures.

Road to Estellencs

Erica multiflora / Larus / Butcher´s-broom

Butcher's broom is an interesting plant. Interesting because it relieves vein disorders, has phyllocladia and was also a medicinal plant of 2002.

The fruits sit right on the leaf! But the leaves are not leaves they rare more leaf-like stem/phyllocladias. A botanical peculiarity.

With a couple of stops we drove 1.5 hours. Usually you are there in about 40 minutes. You can park your car at the top and walk or park below and squeeze your way through the narrow street. Very exciting the whole thing.

Unfortunately it was partly cloudy. But a few sunbeams were enough to create a wonderful atmosphere. The colors and the structure of the village are breathtakingly beautiful. A very therapeutic effect. I just had to take a few HDR pictures.

It was magical, like another world.


...in HDR

After about 1 hour we left the beautiful village and continued towards Valldemossa. But before that we drove through Banyalbufar and the nearby lookout tower.

Torre des Verger



Valldemossa is known for the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. Many tourists come to see the Chartherhouse in which he lived at that time.

You can shop a little here, walk through the alleys and take a lot of photos. The wallpainting is by Juan Aguiló, a famous street artist from Mallorca. He has many pictures on the walls of Mallorca.

Café Ca´n Molinas

The cocoa was the best we have ever had. Fully chocolate and almost like syrup, very thick but drinkable - plus the cake...it was a dream.

Yes, that was our first day. The weather was quite fresh, windy and partly cloudy. Nature very green, fruity and breathtakingly beautiful. The villages are all very clean, traditionally with many friendly people who also like to speak German or English. Nevertheless, knowledge of Spanish is always welcome. The next few days will be exciting...Mallorca has a lot to admire.

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