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2nd Day: A good round - culture, food...awesome

Today we rented our scooter through our hotel for the entire time, so for another 10 days. It cost us 1500Baht, that's about 42 €, with insurance.

In Thailand there is left-hand traffic. For some Europeans it takes some getting used to, but you internalized it relatively quickly. We love scooters. It is simply unfiltered in contrast to the car. A car in Thailand is also not as flexible as a scooter.

First we looked at Big Buddha, which we could already see from our hotel. High up on Nakkerd Hill, he looks out over Chalong Bay.

On the way up you can feed the elephants...

You also could ride elephants here, but we don't support that. Feeding and tip alone is a good thing. From the bar you can see some elephants.


Elephant washing

Big Buddha

The statue is 45m high, with a diameter of 25m. The base wasn't finished yet and you could buy mosaic stones for a few baht and have your name perpetuate on it. This stone should then be attached to the base. We'll look into it in a few years and then probably have to look.

Also there was some nice Flowers around...interesting which plants can be found all over the world.

Pink water-lily / Bougainvillea

Viewpoint - To Chalong Bay

Ixora´s / Rose balsam

Buddha Statues

The sun was shining, it was morning and very warm. The light reflected very brightly through the bright stones of Big Buddha...without sunglasses you could hardly keep your eyes open.

I don't know exactly where, but on the left side, not far from Big Buddha, there is a small viewpoint with a view to Karon Beach.


A nice and quiet place. I found a bit of flora and fauna a bit out of the way in the bush...i sat down quietly to photograph a lizard. A couple of monkeys suddenly came out 5m in front of me to pick the bananas. But they were gone quickly because they noticed me relatively quickly. Unfortunately i couldn't take a picture.

Garden fence lizard´s / Great eggfly

Yellow Cosmos / Ixora / Minnieroot / Banana

I love Hibiscus Flowers...

Old car & Hibiscus

So, next stop...

Wat Chalong

It is the largest Buddhist temple in Phuket. There are 29 in total.

View from the roof

Ubosot of Wat Chalong

Yes, it was very warm and exhausting for the first few days. We have already driven and walked a lot. Acclimatization is still taking place. Sometimes you should just take a nap.


But we continue to...

Cape Promthep

Ko Kaeo Yai & Ko Kaeo Noi

Ko Man

Beautiful view. The Cape is always well attended. There are souvenir shops and snack bars all around. This spot is also good for sunsets. The drive here is always worthwhile...because you can find other souvenirs here...this is where I found my cap that I had not found anywhere else.

And slowly we got hungry too. We drove home quickly, relaxed for a while and decided to visit the Indy Night Market in Phuket Town. You can buy souvenirs and delicious food there.

Indy Night Market

Some Food stand

Live music - these 2 men really knew how to sing. The one on the right sang the most...we were drawn to the song Zombie by the Cranberries, which they covered, you could hear it from afar...and I have to say they really sang it very emotionally. It goes underneath the skin. Respect! Everyone loved it! I will never forget the moment.

Live Music

Fried potato slices

Sushi & grilled meat

Enoki Mushrooms with Ham

Mini Thai Taccos

It was very, very tasty, we were really overwhelmed by the food. We were both full but wanted to try everything. Thai food is: Quickly cooked, delicious, available everywhere and depending of the food, very healthy and creatively prepared. In addition, the dishes are extremely complex in taste and always a taste sensation.

That day was very diverse with much Flora and Fauna. Thailand surprises with every step. It's a lot of fun getting to know the locals. Watching the land. Growing together with the country. To be able to see the world from a different perspective again, Thailand broadens the horizon a lot.

We love Asia and Thailand has reinforced it even more.

The next days are planned! Adventure!


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