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7th Day: Sigiriya Rock & Temple of Dambulla

Today, with our driver Hector, we will go to Sigiriya Rock (1982, World Heritage Site), the Lion Rock, which offers a 360° view at 200m altitude, which can be reached with 1200 steps.

Sigiriya Rock

Over a small path to the pleasure gardens and small ponds you came through rocks to the climbing stretch

Pleasure Garden / Indian skipper frog

It was very windy, relatively hot and almost cloudy. Along the mirror wall up to the spiral stairs to get to the frescoes.

At first, the climbing stretch with stairs was still pretty carefree for me...

1st climbing stretch to the Top / Bumble Bees

...but the upper 2nd part from the Lion's Gate to the rock on free railing worried me. The wind was relatively strong, I was a bit nervous and had sweaty hands. Amanda, on the other hand, enjoyed the climb

2nd Climbing Stretch / Lion´s Gate

On the whole, however, the climb was relatively easy, you could always take breaks in the middle and a first aid was also on site. It is important that one wears a hat and drinks a lot. The view on the climb was always so great that you just wanted to continue and after about 2 hours you had it done.

Sigiriya Rock Top View

The Pidurangala Rock, you can also climb

Pidurangala Rock

Lizard / Jumping spider / Golden skink

It was really impressive and there were also many enthusiastic locals on the rock, who had looked with pride and joy on their island from 200m altitude.

The ride continued...on the way we stopped at a forest, because Amanda had to empty the bladder...meanwhile, we were waiting at the car. Suddenly she screamed and shouted for me. I ran into the forest, saw her crouching and did not know what was going on. She meant, there behind you, the monkeys. I looked behind me and saw at least 10 different Big monkeys on the trees, some of them were already on the ground and looked curiously. I ran back to the car to get the camera and took some pictures, keeping the monkeys at a distance so my girlfriend could be alone. The endemic Ceylon toque macaque, (Macaca sinica), which occur mostly in large groups, can really come very close and steal everything that is eatable, as well as other items

Toque macaque

We drove the road for half an hour and stopped at a shop to buy something to drink. Behind this shop was a little nature I looked at. Besides a few beautiful flowers, a very hard-to-find praying mantis (Humbertiella sp.)

White Hibsicus / West Indian lantana

Indian bark Mantis / Tamil yeoman, Butterfly

After a few minutes of driving we saw the golden temple of Dambulla (1991, World Heritage Site).

This temple may only be entered with long clothes and barefoot. It got hotter and hotter that day and the over 350 stone steps to the top were relatively exhausting. So you were forced to go fast. On the way the monkeys provided a lot of amusement and also the locals as usual looked very satisfied despite the effort.

Golden Temple of Dambulla

Toque macaque

In addition, you can still visit cave temples which include paintings and statues. It takes much time to visit all

Golden Temple Caves

Pink water-lily / Ceylon kangaroo lizard

After the visit we went exhausted but relaxed the 350 steps down. The monkeys were tired too

Toque macaque

In the hotel waiting for us a special BBQ with great delicacies. The table was a good taste. We first went to the room to freshen up and on the way we met a little guy

BBQ Table / Crab

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