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8th Day: Stunning train ride to Kandy & the monsoon

Yesterday evening we decided to go to Kandy by train. The rain improved and the stations gave her O.K for a trip to the highlands. The joy was great to be able to enjoy the highly praised ride everyone was talking about. The trip should take about 3 hours

The beginning was sad, the train stopped for a few minutes and proceeded very slowly. You could clearly see the consequences of the rainy season, which was very strong this year

Monsoon disaster

Whole neighborhoods were flooded, the light and simple sheet tin-houses of the locals were simply washed away or completely flooded. As a result, they had to collect their last belongings on the side of the road and temporarily build shelters there with many other victims, using sheets and woods. Beside the road!

The train was a quiet and compassionate mood. You could clearly see the shock of the traveling Sri Lankans

The journey continued, the doors and windows open, like a bumpy rollercoaster going up through tunnels, with left-right corners and the sound of the train going deep under the skin. It got greener and more mountainous...I leaned out of the door and enjoyed the wind and the freedom of nature

Train ride to Kandy

The locals waved to us, talked to us and they told us a lot...they were happy to share their island with us. The excitement, pride and satisfaction in their eyes when they looked out on the train to the great outdoors and the beauty of the highlands...looks you will not forget


The first destination in Kandy was the Botanical Garden. This is 60ha in size and contains 4000 species of plants, various tree species, various animals and an orchid house. A good round lasted about 2 hours. Much young couples come here to meet secretly and to cuddle

Botanical Garden

Palmyra Palm Avenue

Amaranth / Metrosideros​

Jasmine Flower / Yellow cosmos

Orchid house

Green forest lizard

The monkeys there are very curious, hungry and smart. You have to take care...


Eastern Cattle Egret

In the middle of the garden a huge bull...unbelievable

White bull

The trees always lean toward the equator

Cook Pine

After 2 hours we went out to come early to the Temple of the Tooth. At the entrance we wanted to quickly greet a snake

Indian Python

It was now noon and we had to look at the tooth temple in front of us.

There we had to go through a security check. Again, you had to wear long things. Passing the check there was a bit of culture to see, Buddha statues, etc. The line to the Temple of Tooth was very long, it started to rain and we decided to stop the visit. I find it questionable that there should be Buddha's canine tooth. Why only one tooth? Why not more teeth? Why is he not visible when he is there?

We quickly put our ponchos on and looked around. We needed a coffee and so we found a great cafe, not far from the Temple of the Tooth with a great service

Natural Coffee Cafe

A good coffee experience with Wi-Fi and then it went on through an old bus station to the train station to return to the return journey. The train rides were long and rough but beautiful and informative by the locals who always had something to talk about. Varied natural trails, wide rice fields and always enjoy the freedom from the train

Trailway to Colombo

On the way back in Colombo we saw again the tragedy of the monsoon season. They must laboriously contest their lives, but in spite of everything, they remain steadfast and above all remain friendly, fraternal and embody a certain strength through their optimism. Surely you also saw the suffering of the people, it was the nature that has done to them but it seemed that they do not despise nature for it.

Monsoon disaster

It is certainly difficult, the strong rainy season this year but it must be overcome...until the water is gone!

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