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1st Day: A perfect start

Wow, the first time in Thailand. Our 2nd destination from Asia after the beautiful trip of Sri Lanka. How will the days be? What experiences will we have? It will definitely be exciting. The first day was a very good start and you immediately felt comfortable.

Our flight was 11 hours and 20 minutes non stop. A tough piece but doable.

We were warmly welcomed at the Inter House and check-in was easy. The area was extremely well maintained and it made a quiet impression. Small, nice and familiar - that's how we like it.

Check-in Phuket Inter House

After a short unpacking we went to breakfast. The selection was really extensive and internationally oriented. In addition, with a beautiful view, which also revealed the Buddha statue high up on the mountain.


After the good breakfast we went for a walk.

First steps / Agamid Lizard

What strikes you in addition to the beautiful nature are the many power cables, some of which are connected to each other on the mast. Somehow, however, the Thai electricians seem to have an overview...according to the observation.

We took the bus to Karon Beach. Unfortunately the beach was well visited and we decided to come again on another day.

Spontaneously we decided to rent a longtail boat to go to various islands and snorkel. The whole thing should start at Chalong Pier.

Chalong Bay, Pier

The guide told us that we were going to 3 islands. Ko He/Coral island for snorkeling, Ko Lon and a small uninhabited island where only we would be.We were very excited. The longtail ride was an experience in itself!

Ko He, Coral island

On Coral island you will find a small restaurant, diving courses, clean toilets and showers as well as a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The water is crystal clear and free of waves. Loungers can be rented cheaply and thus you can enjoy a wonderful day.

There is a small loop behind the beach. There was a lot nature to see.

Tent web-spider

Silk orb-weaver

Bark scorpion

Ko Lon Island

Amaryllis / White Flower / Bougainvillea

Uninhabited island

Unfortunately there was no food on the lonely island and we decided to go back to Chalong to eat something.

Chalong Foodstore

The food was freshly cooked by the mother and the portion was really huge for little money. The daughter was a real talent in service. We went there to eat more often - small, fine and familiar!

There was really a lot in the first day. Everything was very friendly and relaxed. Nature showed a lot of itself and the first experience with Thailand was just great! Our stay consists of 2 weeks...wow!

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